Christmas Crafting once again

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Somehow Christmas snuck up on me this year. Well, I should rephrase that.

The time when I should have started my DIY Christmas tree ornaments snuck up on me … and then also passed!

Sure, my friend and I started discussing our Christmas tree themes back in July. Yet my build started the weekend before Thanksgiving. Not the ideal conditions for prime crafting.

Luckily I was able to save Christmas (you’re welcome) by building on last year’s Reduce, Reuse, Resparkle theme instead of starting over completely.  

The additions? Burlap leaves with white and gold pinecones. Simple, yet devastatingly gorgeous. Or devastatingly simplistic. I haven’t decided.

As for next year’s theme, our lesson is to start planning discussions in January with actual crafting commencing in July.

Anyone up for a Fourth of July Christmas Crafting Party?

Hope so. Save the dates are going out next week.

The DIY Sharpie mug weekend.

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For several weeks now my sister and I have been sending each other pins from Pinterest of DIY Sharpie mugs that we wanted to try out as part of our brother/sister weekend. Pretty much because brother/sister weekend is never complete without a little DIY. #Truth

But while we were sending each other examples of cool mugs that had already been made, what we should have been doing was reading up on how to actually make these mugs … as opposed to reading what we should have done after we had already completed each step.

For example, buying cheap dollar-store type mugs work better for having the marker adhere to the cups after baking. This is great advice when you already have 7 cups purchased from 2 different stores after 4 different stops in search of plain white mugs.

Also, found out we should have baked them at 450 for 30 minutes instead of 350 to make the color have a stronger bond. This we figured out after we started washing off one of the designs after the first attempt. (Good news is that after a second round of baking at 450 for 30 minutes, the color held up perfectly when being hand washed.)

Here we have our own Sharpie mug making magic, which after a day of working on, turned out wonderfully:

diy sharpie mugs, step 1

diy sharpie mugs, step 2

diy sharpie mugs, step 3

diy sharpie mugs, step 4

diy sharpie mugs, step 5

diy sharpie mugs, step 6

diy sharpie mugs, step 7 final

And in case you want to try your own and don’t trust our “instructions,” here is the blog we started to follow as soon as things weren’t working as planned. I recommend reading this before starting: Tips & Tricks to the DIY Sharpie Mug / DIYopolis

Oh, the places you’ll go.

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My latest DIY project comes with inspiration from Dr. Seuss.

And took less than 3 minutes to finish (not including the drive time to my parents’ house for a scrap piece of wood).

Oh, the places you'll go. -Dr. Seuss, DIY

Now I just need to start traveling outside of a 10-mile radius for some new stickers.

My pallet garden: still vertical, but better.

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Last year I made a vertical pallet garden inspired by the many that I was seeing on Pinterest.

But what I hadn’t seen on Pinterest was how to deal with a pallet garden that sat on a deck in the sun and high heat for a majority of the day. This left me dealing with daily (sometimes twice daily) watering and, even then, by midsummer I’d lost about half the plants.

So this year, I changed my strategy.

Instead of the plastic pots that drained too easily, I went with terra-cotta pots. Instead of placing them behind the pallet slats, I thought I’d try hanging the pots on the front of them. And instead of planting flowers that needed a lot of attention, I went with some succulents and a few geraniums for color.

Here’s this year’s finished product:

Vertical Pallet Garden -

And here are some visual steps on how I got the pots to hang:

#DIY Pallet Garden

Oh. My last bit of advice whilst palleting … wear sunscreen. I got overly into my little DIY project and didn’t realize how long I was on my deck soaking up the sun.

Now I know how last year’s pallet felt.

- etc. -
If your pallet garden will sit in a little more shade and less heat, here’s the how-to from what I did last year: Vertical Pallet Garden
You can also see my second, flat pallet garden how-to that I used on my back deck for vegetables: Flat Pallet Garden
And don’t forget, can always find great pallet ideas on Pinterest

Weekend Lampery

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Don’t google “lampery.” It’s not a registered word. Well, not yet anyway.

But you can find the definition right here on

lampery (lampə’rē) n. an act of DIY where one restores an object that would not typically be expected to emit light into a functioning lamp that does.

Use that in a sentence, you request? Surely: “This weekend, my dad and I practiced successful lampery when we turned an old family telescope tripod into a functioning (and beautiful) lamp.”

DIY Tripod Lamp

And really, all we had to do to be successful was buy a lamp kit, similar to this one from Lowe’s (lamp kit), drill a hole into the plate that the telescope would attach to, and top it with a lamp shade. For a total of under $30, I now have a fun new lamp in my dining room (plus the sentimental value factor) that would have cost me well over $250 at Pottery Barn or $1,300 at Restoration Hardware.

Yes, I can say we’re now official lamperists.

Celebrating 10

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I never pass up an opportunity to participate in a little DIY.

So when planning out my “Celebrating 10” soiree, some button bracelets in the event’s colors were the party favors of choice.

Custom, handmade and personal. My perfect thank you for coming.

All that was needed were some black buttons, a gold paint marker, string, and clothespins. Oh, and time. Threading a bunch of buttons with thick string … yeah, didn’t plan for that properly.

For the finishing touch, I added a “thank you” tag and clasped that inside the clothespin before wrapping the bracelet around it.

I think they made for a special way to say thank you for celebrating 10.

Celebrating 10 Invitation

For the backstory behind “Celebrating 10,” read here: 
Today, ten years after coming out
For the backstory behind button bracelets, read here: 
Button button, who’s got the button bracelet?

Post-it Heart.

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This is exactly what happens when you’ve been at the office too long and you have a fresh stack of Post-it Notes.

Post-it note heart

Time to go home.

Chapstick vs. Elmer’s

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Yeah. This is exactly what happens when you craft a little too often.

You end up grabbing your keys, wallet,  phone … and “chapstick” on your way out the door to the gym.

chapstick photo

Luckily I always have a back-up Baby Lips in the car.

Whew. #CrafterProblems

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