The basics of fall.

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If you love fall and love to do fall things, or have already had more than a dozen PSL’s (or actually use the acronym PSL), then this fall pumpkin patching guide is perfect for you.

Step 1:  Get some plaid.

Step 2:  Get a puffy vest

Step 3:  Find a pumpkin that’s light enough for you to hold with one hand, giving the appearance of brute strength and stamina Fall, pumpkin patch, plaid Step 4:  Enjoy fall at its finest.

Step 5:  Finish planning this year’s Christmas tree’s theme.

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Yes. Jean Jacket Joy is back.

men's denim jean jacket, instagram, men's style

Thank you, fall.

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Denim on denim.

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Wearing denim on denim before it was cool.

Throwback Thursday, denim on denim

stay golden

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What happens when friends know you have a love of the Golden Girls? That’s right. They send you links to Golden Girl t-shirts.

What happens when you are the one that loves the Golden Girls? That’s right …

… you buy the shirt.

stay golden, golden girls t-shirt

But this does come with good message: “Stay golden.”

I will surely try.

1991 vs. 2013 #tbt

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I still have a pair of yellow short shorts and a yellow tank.

Throwback Thursday, tank top and yellow shorts


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Tonight as I was leaving work I held the door for a man carrying an armful of dry cleaning. As I did he said, “Thank you … you’ve got your hands full yourself.”

I smiled, lightly chuckled … and thought, “what are you talking about??”

Then I looked down and realized I was carrying three tote bags.

So question … how many tote bags is the right amount for any one man to be carrying?

men's tote bags

And If your answer is any number less than three, I don’t want to hear it.

10 cents for 10 years.

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In April I celebrated the 10th anniversary of my coming out.

Unfortunately, one wonderful person in my life wasn’t able to be at the party that was thrown in honor of all those that had been a beautiful part of those ten years. Well, when we finally did get the chance to have a full afternoon to catch up where I could give her one of the button bracelets I handed out that night, I was thrilled to open up an incredible gift that she had made for me herself — a dime bracelet.

As she explained, the dime represents 10 years, and the year on the dime marks the year I came out.

DIY Dime Bracelet

How truly thoughtful and perfect.

For the backstory behind “Celebrating 10,” read here: 
Today, ten years after coming out
For the backstory behind button bracelets, read here: 
Button button, who’s got the button bracelet?

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