In the fall, this is what my healthy snack looks like.

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What happens when it’s DIY caramel apple day at work?
Caramel apple topping, fall snacks
Extra caramel. Extra toppings. And definitely the need for extra miles to be tacked on for the evening’s run!

It’s Dorothy. Oh wait, no. It’s me.

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The Resolution: Be bolder

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I think that someone’s New Year’s resolution was to get back at the gym. That AND to make bold moves in 2014.

Well, this person is obviously tackling both at the same time.

gym shoes in the cubby

Yes, to put your shoes in the cubby despite the posted “request” is bold. To place them in the cubby right under the sign? BOLDER.

Congrats on your successful resolution.

Do you.

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Some words of magnetic inspiration left for a coworker today:

magnetic words of inspiration, instagram

Have more inspirational words ever been magnetized?

Probably not.

A theoretical pocket guide

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Over Labor Day weekend I took my first trip to Door County, Wisconsin for a good friend’s wedding. And being my first trip, the day after the wedding I thought I’d do a little mini sightseeing before heading home. So I grabbed the official “Pocket Dictionary to the Peninsula” out of the hotel’s lobby for a little, well, guidance.

Now, I know that my pockets happen to be on some shorts that are a little shorter than others. But by no means were my pockets tiny.

Therefore, I’ve decided the pocket guide is just a figure of speech, not to be taken literally.

As I could literally not get this in my pocket.

Door County Pocket Guide

Oh well. I enjoyed my local coffee and scone just the same.

Fix, or hang a placard?

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On a recent over-night stay, the hotel had this placard posted outside the bathroom door.

silent vent fan placard

So my question is this: Did they post this when they installed the latest in silent fan technology … or do they simply post this by everything that doesn’t work?

Regardless, I’m going to start using this idea myself. Instead of fixing things, I’ll just place signs next to them explaining that they really are working … you just can’t tell.

For example, instead of replacing burnt out light bulbs: ¬†“Lamp very very dim when turned on. You may not see light emitting.”

Yup. Brilliant.

Just so you know, Foursquare …

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Just so you know, Foursquare … I’m assuming that your message at last night’s check-in is not so much a judgment as it is an acknowledgement. Nonetheless, maybe you could add a little more context to your notifications?

Foursquare bar badge and notification

Something like, “That’s 3 straight weeks at Bars! Congratulations on your social life,” or “That’s 3 straight weeks at Bars. But congratulations on the other 49 consecutive weeks that you weren’t!”

Context and punctuation are everything.

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