What? Another blog you ask?

Yes, another blog.

Why another? Well, the first blog I started was born out of the need to reaffirm for others that my previous neighbors, coined “The Messes,” were actually as bizarre as they sounded in the unbelievable stories I would tell to friends and coworkers. The posts that followed (often accompanied by photo proof) verified just that—a family made up of an abundance of crazy.

My second blog … well, it’s called Adventures with Cher. Enough said.

So while my previous two blogs have had very specific themes, I prefer to think of this one as telling a broader, more all-encompassing story.

I prefer you think of it in this way as well.

Exactly what this new story will tell will begin to surface and end up being nothing like it’s starting, I’m sure. But for now it’s going to start with miniature spotlights on the many musings in my life.

So check back. See what you think. If it’s not your style, that’s OK. Just read anyway.

2 thoughts on “Welcome.

  1. RandomRamblingReveries says:

    You must think I am some sort of stalker, with my many “likes” in one day but I assure you I am not. I came across your blog and it sucked me in. Although, now I have a need to read about “The Messes”, I’m afraid they may be relatives to my neighbors my husband and I call “The Crazies”.

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