Be bold.

Well, this didn’t take long to have my first “embarrassing” story to tell.

It does take a little setup though … which takes us back to early February when I came across of a pair of Nantucket-red pants that had immediately caught my attention while browsing through the racks.

I found my size. Carried them around for a bit. Set them back down, worried I’d be too self-conscious to actually wear bright-red pants to work. Then I decided maybe I was just confident enough to try to pull it off. And I bought them.

Like I said, this was a month ago.

Today, I finally worked up the courage to try them out. When I laid out my outfit last night (which I try to do so I can get my ironing done before I go to bed to save that extra 10 minutes of sleeping-in time in the morning), I had the red pants all ready to go. Note that I also had a back-up pair ironed and ready to go as well should I have woken up today and found my confidence shaken for whatever reason.

But I digress.

So that brings us to present day when I’m strolling into work, head held high. And what’s one of the first things I see? A Nantucket-red mirror image of myself walking towards me.

Yes, that’s right. Not only was I not the only one who had been trying to work up the bravery to wear the new bold trend of the season, but the courage was found on the exact same day as a coworker’s.

But really, it wasn’t all that embarrassing. It just made us stand out as being a few trend-setters not afraid to be bold. And others did take notice. Though that could be because we gathered in the hallway for a picture … who knows.

Nantucket Red Pants
Me (left) & Brian in our Nantucket-reds.

The rest of you will catch on eventually.


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