Office lessons.

Seeing how the first half-hour of my day at work started out, it surprisingly ended up being a pretty nice finish to the work week.

At the beginning of the said half-hour I was sitting in the drive-thru at Dunkin’ Donuts getting my large coffee with two creams, two equals. And the end of that 30 minutes I was sweating, digging out a nasty paper jam from the copy machine.

Though at least there was a lesson learned … when running a stack of paper through a copy machine’s automatic feeder, make sure none of those papers are stapled together.

I guess it matters, or something.

The follow-up to this incident was me having to go back to my director to have him resign the original (and now horribly crumpled) document, as the corner signature he’d just provided me with was the single casualty of the morning. Of course.

His response, whilst resigning?

“So that’s what that noise was.”

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