A day at the derby.

Was an eclectic crowd at the roller derby Saturday night. It was our first time going, and was actually quite entertaining. Costumes. Women with names like Fidela Castrate, Moby Nipps and Thunder Bunnie all elbowing, bumping, and using their butts as blockades? Yes. I want to see that.

And not only do you get to watch ladies shoving each other to the ground on skates, but you ALSO get to do some great people-watching (included with your ticket purchase). Bonus.

Luckily, we had a nice little cohort in front of us. One member being a lady that had a tattoo that I swear looked like Mr. T. Another being her friend/daughter … which is the one I ended up head-butting.

Yes, head-butting. From behind.

This is how it happened. We thought we’d dropped something so began looking for it under our seats. So I bent down to look and smacked my head against the back of the head of the “lovely” woman that was sitting in front of me. Again, doing so from behind.

I apologized. She nodded. We pretended like it never happened.

But if you have a chance to see a roller derby I recommend checking it out. And if you have a chance to back-head-butt someone, maybe pass on that.

Wasn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

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