Codependency. And V-Necks.

I realized while packing for LA last night that I have a problem. I have a severe codependency with v-neck t-shirts.

Now it’s not that I didn’t realize that I had a plethora of these little gems in my closet. On the contrary. I know that I have one in just about every color that cotton can be dyed—which I’m fine with.

But when I made my selections on what were the must-haves for my trip, I found that button-ups, polos, and just about every other item in my closet took the backseat while the stack of V’s piled up.

Keep in mind I’m only going for five nights.

I had eighteen set out to be packed.

And I got that narrowed down to twelve.

Do I plan on sweating a lot or getting dirty where backups might be necessary? No. Not at all. I have separate V’s for working out, so that’s not an issue.

I guess it just comes down to me needing to have options … which coincidentally means having enough V’s to clothe everyone in the hotel should it be needed. And should one of those people be Simon Cowell, then even better.

It’s actually me being proactively philanthropic when you really think about it.

3 thoughts on “Codependency. And V-Necks.

  1. Abbey says:

    You should look up Daniel Tosh whilst in L.A.
    He LOVES Deeeeeeeeeeeeep-V’s. The deeper V the better according to him.

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