Just so you know.

For anyone that doesn’t know me, I will let you know that I’m a big fan of sarcasm and passive aggressiveness. And where my PA-ness truly shines is the form of my anonymous “Just so you know” notes.

These notes (which start with, as you might expect, “Just so you know”) are typically left on the windshields of cars for those who chose to park ridiculously close to me. The harder it is for me to get in my car, the more passive aggressive they become. And the one time at the mall when I had to crawl across the car from the passenger side … well that note was just not pretty.

I’m sure you’re wondering why you need to know about these notes. Well, reason is that “Just so you know” is becoming one of my new blog categories. It’s where I’m going to vent my frustrations on anonymous subjects and happenings.

Maybe you’ll be able to relate. Maybe you won’t. But I’m going to feel better. And really, that’s what matters.

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