My acceptance of March Madness.

Well, here we are again. The time of year where every TV in nearly every public space is tuned into one college basketball game or another.

(Don’t worry, at my place you’ll still be able to catch this week’s DVR’d episodes of Chelsea Lately, Golden Girls or The View.)

Well, even though I couldn’t tell you more than three schools in the Big Ten (really, be happy I even know that there is a Big Ten), I have no issue filling out a bracket in the office pool.

And, after coming back from vacation today and reading through the past several days’ worth of email, I found out that I am currently in the lead with wins. Or points. Or whatever the scoring system is.

How, might you ask?

By picking schools where I either went, knew somebody that went, or have a family member that currently lives in the state of one of the teams.

March Madness, Basketball Bracket

The rest of my picks? PURE luck.

If you’d like me to help you with your bracket next year, please let me know. I may be willing to offer by guidance.

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