Don’t cry over spilt milk. Over coffee is ok, though.

I started working on this post last week. And then yesterday a friend at work had some coffee issues during a meeting and it reminded me to get this one finished.

Let me begin …

Several weeks ago I made a small pilgrimage back to the Volvo dealership for one of my free washes. You know, get all that winter salt washed off of the car mats. Get the windows wiped down. AND get some free coffee and Haagen Dazs.

So I fill my coffee cup with half hazelnut, half breakfast blend, one cream, one Equal. Delightful. I’m all set.

Now it’s time to wait and instead of watching a basketball game (which remember, I don’t do) I start browsing around the showroom—sipping on my coffee.

And I’m noticing that with every sip that I take, I’m ending up with a few drips of coffee on my hand and/or chin.

I inspect the opening and the seal. Nothing wrong there. Continue sipping. Continue to end up with coffee on my person. Ok. Maybe I need to just take a break from the coffee. Something is obviously wrong.


Now the car wash is done and I leave, coffee still in hand, and head for home. WHICH is when I find out that this whole time I’ve had two lids on my coffee cup … and every time I’m taking a sip the space between the two lids is filling with coffee, and then dribbling onto my face and hand.

Coffee cups with two lids

My biggest hope is that nobody saw me walking around looking like an idiot while I inspected my coffee cup after EVERY sip.


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