Ohh, so that’s who it is.

A good seven months ago I was having trouble sleeping. I would lie in bed, staring up at the ceiling fan watching its hypnotizing spin wondering to myself, “Who is my parking authority?”

Well thank goodness I went to the bike expo Thursday night. Not ONLY did I find a new bike, but I also found out who MY parking authority is!

Parking Authority sign at Bike Expo

Good nights of sleep are sure to ensue.


But seriously, that’s quite the claim to make. Particularly when the person who took my money failed to say a word to me even though I both said “hello” and “thank you.” Actually, I may have just said “thanks,” but either way there was a definite silence after both of my polite remarks.

Not to mention that after the money was exchanged it was pretty much a free-for-all to find your own spot once you were in. So really, to say “authority” I think is over-shooting what’s really taking place here.

I think maybe “your parking option at the moment” may be more accurate. No?

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