Going once. The Great TV Auction.

If you live in the area, you probably at one time or another have flipped through the channels and come across the Great TV Auction that raises money in support of public television.

For those that don’t live in the area, don’t worry, there are videos below and you’ll be able to get a small taste.

Now, as you know (or will soon know), this is not a high production quality event. But for me it takes me back to my childhood when every spring my mom and I would stay up late every night for a week watching item after item go by.

And still, many years later, when this time of year rolls around I get a text message from my mom simply saying “the auction is on.”

It’s simple. It’s silly. But it’s also comforting.

Thankfully, for this blog’s sake, it’s also the same as it was 15 years ago.

Which makes me wonder … don’t they have some hand models with a little more experience by now? Or at least provide them with a hint of training before the cameras start rolling?

great TV auction, hands

I don’t even know how to best explain this one particular “model,” other than to ask you to view the videos. I apologize for the shaky camera work. I was trying to operate the remote and camera phone at the same time. Plus I have shaky hands.

Do we know why hand and body models are even needed to begin with? I think I’d be able to get a sense for what’s going on sans the hands. For example, I’m not wondering, “What is that contraption? OHHHHH, the hands have answered that. It’s a roll-bar stand that would be perfect for my gigantic rolls of wrapping paper.”

I guess I shouldn’t be all that judgmental.

If I didn’t love it I wouldn’t get suckered in like it’s a bad infomercial every time I turn on my TV.

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