Just so you know, Andrea and Katelyn …

I genuinely appreciate you inviting me along to check out the wellness fair during wellness week at work yesterday. I even think it’s lovely that you made sure I got a reusable bag to carry around for all the free goodies.

Above all, though, I especially appreciate the nurse who informed me that it was the women’s health day. Which she politely said whilst she was in the middle of giving me a bone density test.

FYI, I’ve got great bone health.

And if you’re wondering, the answer to all your questions is “yes” …

… Yes, I was the only man on the list for the bone density test. And upon looking around, YES, I was the only man in the auditorium as well.

I don’t know what I like more. The fact that we carried on not realizing it was women’s day, or the fact that the nurse was so nonchalant and accommodating when I signed up for my test.

But like I said yesterday, today is the men’s health day and I can’t wait to take you two with me so you can learn all about prostate health right by my side.

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