More pallet?

OK, so I’m realizing that I have an odd obsession with pallets. Instead of fighting it, though, I’ve decided to accept it.

This acceptance has led to a vegetable pallet garden that now sits on my back deck.

I will blame Pinterest once again, as I don’t believe I’d ever have cared to plant herbs or vegetables without the DIY Pinterest board planting the seed.

Regardless, if you don’t care about what I did with this pallet, you can stop reading now. If you do care, you can keep reading now.

Here are my Pallet Planter Steps:

1)     Instead of going with the vertical pallet garden like what I did before (see my vertical pallet garden here), I thought that tomatoes and the like would do better growing on a flat surface. So the first thing that needed to be done was to close in the entire underneath side of the planter with a weed-barrier landscaping “fabric.”

Pallet, Pallet Garden Steps,

Pallet, Pallet Garden Steps, Vegetable Garden

This enclosed the pallet so that dirt could be filled into the base. I used nails, but a staple gun would probably work wonders. I just don’t have one.

2)     Next it was time to fill the pallet with dirt. I underestimated how much dirt it takes to fill the pallet which resulted in two follow-up trips to the garden center. In the end, I think one, 32-quart bag would have done the trick … as opposed to my several, much too small, bags that I started with.

3)     From there, I planted an assortment of tomatoes, a few peppers, some rosemary, basil, chives and a few others that I thought I could see myself using in my kitchen. I even added a row of coleus flowers because, to quote The Birdcage, “One does want a hint of color.” Digressing, I know.

Pallet, Pallet Garden Steps, Vegetable Garden

As with my last pallet garden, hopefully in a month or so I’ll have a thriving “garden” to share. Until then, back to Pinterest!

Also, check out my Vertical Pallet Garden from last year, 
and my updated Vertical Pallet Garden from this year.

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