Just so you know, lady worker at the shoe store …

First of all, I didn’t appreciate your yelling in a rude tone at another customer walking out the door (while you’re ringing me up), “You didn’t find anything? Not even on the 50%-off table?”

Obviously they didn’t, or they’d be in line behind me checking out instead of leaving.

Second of all, I know you were trying to shame me into buying leather protector for the first pair of shoes I was buying. And I was nice in politely declining.

But the ugly face that was accompanied by an audible gasp upon your opening the box of the second pair I was buying and then snottily saying, “Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, are you SURE you don’t want the leather protector?” was uncalled for.

Yes I was sure. Because again, if I wanted it, you’d be ringing it up.

And yet, oddly enough, the rain hasn’t been a problem for either pair even after I’ve had them for a good two months.

However, the side of the shoe coming loose from the sole for a second time has been a bit of an inconvenience for me.

shoes in mirror reflection

Maybe start pushing super glue on people at the checkout as opposed to rain protector. Seems like it’d be more beneficial in the long run?

Ooooooooooooo. I’m sure it would be.

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