Just so you know, bird in the tree …

I am very happy to hear birds chirping away in the morning when I wake up. I’m even very happy to know that my mom goes to great lengths to have bird feeders placed all over their yard making sure the blue birds, humming birds and finches are always well-fed.

What I’m not happy about is that you decided to repay MY appreciation by crapping on ME while we were biking last night.

Bird Dropping while Biking

Thankfully there were some large maple leaves that could be used for wiping. Though the strong gagging we went through while doing the clean-up was no more pleasant than the original act of being pooed upon itself.

Sincere congratulations, though. The “droppings” that got on my zip-up made it through two layers of clothing.

Bird 1. Nate 0.

I say we just call it a game now. Ok?

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