Lowe’s, and the accidental handshake.


Went to Lowe’s last night to have some keys made and met a very nice gentleman named John. He’s worked at Lowe’s since 2008 and used to be a pilot before he retired.

We had a nice chat as he made my keys, which ultimately led to the awkward moment of what I presumed to be an approaching handshake. Or as John would tell you, him actually reaching for my keys to put the master back on my key ring for me.

But, since we had just had such a lovely conversation, I thought to myself, well he wants to shake my hand for doing business with him … so that’s what I’m gonna do. Shake his hand.

As I reached for the handshake he goes, “No, all I want is your key ring. But we can shake hands after that.”

So we did.

And as I walked away he told me that I was the most entertainment he’d probably have all evening.

I told him that I was sure I would be.

3 thoughts on “Lowe’s, and the accidental handshake.

  1. Filipovsky says:

    Funny – i was in the same situation with key guy months ago. I laughed big time when I read your post and I just reminded myself about it ;);)

  2. honolulukay says:

    I have a friend who is a seasoned exhibit designer that was out of work for several years. He recently took a part time job in the paint department of his local Lowe’s in suburban Cleveland and it is turning out to be one of the best experiences of his life.

    Just like your key guy, Brendan chats with the customers. He has a great sense of humor so he makes them laugh a lot. The customers love him. He loves the customers. I am beginning to think that Lowe’s must be a pretty darn pleasant place to work.

    In these difficult economic times, you’ve got to take your entertainment wherever you can get it. Maybe they should consider rebranding: Lowe’s — the entertainment place! LOL

    Kay in Hawaii
    aka Biz Bitch at http://BizBitchBlog.blogspot.com

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