Just so you know, bagpipers …

I’m not exactly sure why there were literally hundreds of you in the park today, and I’m sure once rehearsals were done it will sound lovely.

But the collective noise you were making made it extremely hard for me to hear Kathy Troccoli belt out “Everything Changes” on my iPod as I ran through.

Don’t you realize that on my long-run-Saturdays that she’s one of the few people who can help get me through it?

I need to hear her.

Thanks for your future cooperation.

One thought on “Just so you know, bagpipers …

  1. tloafs says:

    Next time just stand next to the bag-pipers and start imitating the sounds that their instruments make, show them how annoying they are, it’ll be soo funny and entertaining lol :P

    btw check out my blog! Thanks :)

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