The “No Rummage” Rummage Sale.

Woke up Saturday to find the perfect morning for a bike ride. I strapped on my helmet, grabbed a water bottle and took to the road.

Most of the riding on this trip was done on wide, winding roads with no homes, businesses and actually even very little traffic.

So when I came upon this sign on the side of the road, I really could not figure out what was going on.

Rummage Sale Sign

Anyone else see the problem with this Rummage Sale?

If not, I’ll help you out. There is NOOOOO rummage!

And there’s no other sign that says, “Rummage, 1 mile ahead” or an arrow pointing you in the right direction. This sign (and chair? what?) were it.

I pedaled ahead looking for this said “rummage sale” and didn’t end up ever seeing one hint of even a neighborhood where a rummage could be.

My advice to anyone else looking to have a sale this summer: Be present. Place your sign in an appropriate location. OH. And probably make sure you actually have a rummage to accompany your sign.

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