Walking in Memphis

If you know me (or are getting to know me through this blog), you’ll know that I’ve got a special place in my heart for a few leading divas out there.

I also have an iPhone with a car charger that’s stopped charging.

This is your setup to this story.

So last week I make a stop at Target on my way home from work for a new charger. I was in a hurry so I was carrying my wallet, keys and phone in one hand and my lovely red Target basket in the other.

And I get about halfway back to the electronics section, and what do I hear? It’s Cher’s rendition of Walking in Memphis!

I love her version, but I was more in love with the fact that I was hearing it in a public space. So excited in fact that I went to text one of my besties that the song was playing … at a Target! (We tend to do this when some of our favorite divas’ songs are playing in unexpected places. Don’t know why. I think in a way it makes us feel like we’ve been “in” on a magnificent musical secret for years that everyone else is just figuring out. And it’s wonderful).

ANYWAY, so I’m shifting my keys and wallet around to text my lady friend … and this is when I find out that I’ve actually somehow hit play on my iPhone … and my playlist is what’s playing … not Target’s.

Cher, Walking in Memphis on the iPhone Playlist

I actually chuckled out loud to myself, which got a smile from a dear old woman picking out pillowcases.

That, or maybe she was smiling just thinking about who she should text to say that she was hearing Cher herself!

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