Panera Shame.

 If you eat like me, and eat like me at Panera, then I’m sure this has happened to you.

1. You place your order.

2. They make your order.

3. They place your order on two separate plates (Ok, yes it is a full salad and full bowl of French onion soup. Each with their own set of sides respectively, but still) and proceed to yell out “NATE, your orderS are ready.”

Panera Bread, Soup and Salad

It’s one thing when you’re with a co-worker or sibling and the plurality of your “lunches” are announced. At least then others may just think there’s something you’re sharing or perhaps picking up for someone else.

Still judgmental, but not so bad.

But when you’re by yourself, there’s no such “perhaps” to fall back on and the shame is set in full motion.

And it doesn’t help when you have to take multiple trips. One to carry your beverage to your table, and then the next to carry your two plates back making it ever the more obvious that you’re consuming two trips worth of food – by yourself.

I vote one plate.

One “order.”

One happy (and pleasantly full) customer.

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