Wash. Rinse. Re-Eat.

This weekend my sister, her husband (geeze, so weird to now be saying husband!) and his family came home for their yearly trip to the state fair. I thought it was in my best interest to join again for another go-around at the chocolate-dipped cookie dough.

So we did the typical, “don’t let yourself walk more than 20 yards without stopping and getting some deep-fried “something” on a stick.” And we did it successfully.

For me, though, I was looking for two things: Body jewelry. And blankets.

WHEW. You can imagine the joy I felt when we came across this booth—that carried BOTH!

State Fair booth

Ok, seriously? I get that you’ve done a wonderful job with alliteration in the naming of your booth. But I don’t get the correlation. Nor do I get how many are buying blankets on an 80-degree day. In August. With big faces of pigs, horses and eagles on them.

Then again, I’ve seen plenty lovely people with those big animal faces on their t-shirts, so they probably put a request in the suggestion box … and here we are.

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