Just so you know, airport security …

… I appreciate your attention to detail.

In fact, it’s that attention to detail that makes your job so important. But when our family traveled to Lake Tahoe for a cousin’s wedding over an extended Labor Day weekend (which meant many travels to get there) one of your overhead announcements made me question the focus of that detail.

Announcement (read several times):  “If you recently went through security and are missing a pen please return to the security check.”

Here I thought my biggest issue was going to be getting my non-frequent-flying parents through security whom, upon walking up to the conveyor belt, asked me they had to take their shoes off too. I guess that’s right up there with my dad asking me upon takeoff if his camera was an electronic device.

But here I was worrying about them and never thought to be worrying about me and making sure my pen was secured!

Luckily, after a panicked check, I was still in ownership of my blue BIC and didn’t have to make the trek back to security.

Whew. Wouldn’t THAT have been embarrassing?

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