My “Damn You Auto Correct” moment.

I’ve once texted a coworker asking her to tell another coworker that I had her “thongs” instead of her “things.” Confusing for all parties involved, I know.

But that was at least a conversation with someone who understands auto correct.

This time, auto correct failed me with my mom. I’m the blue bubble.

Damn You Auto Correct with Mom

And it’s not like what I texted was so overly embarrassing. I just find it humorous that my mom obviously doesn’t understand that the “******” are used for when you try to correct something you mistyped. And I know this was for sure the case because, when I talked to her the next day, she said that she thought the asterisks were there to emphasize how nice the nude run was.

I guess now that I really think about it, should I be more worried that she wasn’t shocked by my text, and instead just started asking questions?

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