Just so you know, hula hooper at the gym …

You  need to hone in your skills.

Now I’m a big fan of the hula hoop. Huge fan actually.

In fact I even have a heavy-duty hula hoop.

Yet I don’t take my hula hoop to the gym with me (even though it’s a nice little workout for your core). And if I did, I’d sure make sure I held onto it if doing the hand flips and twirls and fancy maneuvers.

Because on more than one occasion, one of the two hula hoops you were hula-ing went flying, nearly taking out an old woman and an athletic gentleman. And the space you needed in order to do your hula hooping was rather obnoxious as well.

hula hooping at the gym

So please, keep enjoying your hula hoop. Encouragement all around.

Just enjoy it at home.

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