The Panera shame continues.

I wrote a post a while back about the shame I go through when eating at Panera because of the seemingly large food orders that I place. (You can reread it here if you missed it: Panera Shame)

Well Friday night it happened again.

Nick and I went for a food run. I’ve been battling a cold and wanted a warm bowl of French Onion soup.

So (with him standing next to me) I place MY food order. And then add a beverage.

Here is where the shame kicked in.

When I added the beverage, this prompted the man behind the counter to ask, “Would you like two drinks?”

I thought, “two drinks?” and then quickly realized he was thinking the order I placed was enough food for the both of us. I had to shamingly tell him that food order placed was all mine — and then let Nick place his order.

Seriously, am I one of the few people who instead of going for the “half and half” go for the “full and full” when getting soup and salad??

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