Buying shoes online? Pay attention.

Well, it’s happened.

I bought a pair of shoes online. Went through all the appropriate steps: Selected my size. Put them in my cart. Made the purchase. Had them shipped standard.

And days later what do I have?

Aaaaaaaa pair of man-lady shoes.

Zappos Shoebox

That’s right. The shoes I ordered are listed with both male and female sizing for the same shoe. Apparently I’d missed this when ordering, but it was plenty clear on the order slip when they arrived – because on that piece of paper, only the lady size was listed.

Of course.

I ended up shipping the shoes back. Not because they were multipurpose manwoman footwear (we all know my habitual Ellen-esk dressing and the occasional wearing of the exact same outfit as women at work shows I’m not afraid to show off my style). No, that wasn’t it.

It was the fact that the front of the shoe looked like it could have comfortably fit someone with eight toes on one foot. Seeing that I have only five (no judgment towards those with more or less), the extra room was unnecessary. And rather unflattering.

Moral of this story. When buying shoes online, make sure you know if you’re purchasing from the men’s, women’s or menwomen’s section.

Oh. And know the width of your toes.

One thought on “Buying shoes online? Pay attention.

  1. shoesmaketheman says:

    The same thing happened to me. I ended up with a pair of size 12 black patent leather 6 inch ladies platform boots that looked absolutely stunning on me, instead of a pair of flat brown loafers… A terrible mistake…
    I’m hating your blog, but I’ll persist just in case it gets good.

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