Just so you know, Martha …

Your “Chickpea Nibble” recipe that I found when Googling “Quick and Easy Appetizers” needs more than 50 minutes of baking at 300 degrees. My friends agree.

I baked my version for an hour and 45 minutes, and only a few garbanzos got to the crunch level desired. I’d have tried for longer, but needed to get to my party.

BUT, I will say, there’s quite a bit of potential there. For those that are interested, here’s what I did. Or I should say, the directions I followed (pretty much). I think they’d be worth trying.

I used three cans of garbanzo beans which was the perfect amount to fill a large rimmed baking sheet. First, rinse the beans and pat them dry. Next, put them in a bowl with a couple tablespoons of olive oil and mix in some sea salt, freshly ground pepper, and ground cumin. You could use other spices. I just happened to go with cumin.

Garbanzo Chickpea Nut Recipe

Then spread the batch out in a single layer on the baking sheet and bake for … well, you know … at a higher temp than 300. Other recipes I looked up later (even other Martha ones) showed 400-450 degrees for less time.

Garbanzo Chickpea Nut Recipe Baking Sheet

Probably best to serve while still warm.

Here are some other recipes I found that are similar (and call for higher temps for baking). If you try, let me know your secret to the perfect crunch and flavor.

Martha Stewart: Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

Eating Well: Spiced Chickpea “Nuts”

Food.com: Chickpea Nuts

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