Just so you know, simpler times …

When I was at my grandpa’s this past week for the holidays, I was flipping through some old photo albums that I found. One not only had pictures of my great great grandpa’s bakery trucks (the family owned “the bakery” in town), but it also had one of my grandpa’s early driver’s licenses.

On the back was a legitimate legal turn signal guide.

Today, my car has a “quick turn” function so that I don’t even have to push down the turn signal lever all the way. All I have to do is tap it up or down to get three quick flashes indicating I’m switching lanes.

This is because pushing down a lever all the way, and then manually pushing it back up is a lot of work.

Thankfully, I don’t have to do this … nor do I have to roll down my window, stick my arm out in the blazing heat or extreme cold, and wave my arm like a crazy person to show what my next move on the road will be.

Though think about rush-hour nowadays and how funny it would be if there were constant arms hanging out of windows flailing for every time you hit the brakes.

Kind of hilarious.

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