Celebrating 10

I never pass up an opportunity to participate in a little DIY.

So when planning out my “Celebrating 10” soiree, some button bracelets in the event’s colors were the party favors of choice.

Custom, handmade and personal. My perfect thank you for coming.

All that was needed were some black buttons, a gold paint marker, string, and clothespins. Oh, and time. Threading a bunch of buttons with thick string … yeah, didn’t plan for that properly.

For the finishing touch, I added a “thank you” tag and clasped that inside the clothespin before wrapping the bracelet around it.

I think they made for a special way to say thank you for celebrating 10.

Celebrating 10 Invitation

For the backstory behind “Celebrating 10,” read here: 
Today, ten years after coming out
For the backstory behind button bracelets, read here: 
Button button, who’s got the button bracelet?

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