Just so you know, Teddy Grahams.

Just so you know, Teddy Grahams, I normally do a pretty good job at shopping the perimeter of the grocery store.

But I still find that on nearly every trip in recent memory, a box (or two) of Teddy Grahams has found its way into my cart. Yet, oddly enough, I’ve never really paid attention to the details of the nutrition label. Particularly, serving sizes.

Well, not until today.

teddy grahams nutrition label

Yes, that’s right. I’ve been proudly eating snacks that are explicitly labeled for children under four.

I sort of feel like Nabisco and my grocery store’s rewards card now judge me, and that is upsetting. Well. Not upsetting enough for me to stop eating them. Maybe just one more line of info made for snackers over twenty-five would be nice?

Only a suggestion.

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