Weekend Lampery

Don’t google “lampery.” It’s not a registered word. Well, not yet anyway.

But you can find the definition right here on natepk.com.

lampery (lampə’rē) n. an act of DIY where one restores an object that would not typically be expected to emit light into a functioning lamp that does.

Use that in a sentence, you request? Surely: “This weekend, my dad and I practiced successful lampery when we turned an old family telescope tripod into a functioning (and beautiful) lamp.”

DIY Tripod Lamp

And really, all we had to do to be successful was buy a lamp kit, similar to this one from Lowe’s (lamp kit), drill a hole into the plate that the telescope would attach to, and top it with a lamp shade. For a total of under $30, I now have a fun new lamp in my dining room (plus the sentimental value factor) that would have cost me well over $250 at Pottery Barn or $1,300 at Restoration Hardware.

Yes, I can say we’re now official lamperists.

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