Quotes from the streets of NYC

This past week I was in New York on an overnight trip capturing photos for work. It was a gorgeous day, so after I checked in and dropped off my bag I decided to walk the 30ish plus blocks from the hotel to the event.

And I’m glad I did. On my walk, I heard two of my new favorite quotes.

The first was from a man talking to two of his friends about another one of their friends (I assume):

“Wearing yellow is a privilege, not a right.”unknown man

The second quote happened as I walked by a woman who was handing something out from a messenger bag. As she saw me carrying my bottle of water, she said to me:

“If you love water, you’re going to love this …” unknown lady

I declined her offer, but it has been bugging me ever since. What would I have loved more than the water I was carrying?!

Regardless, it was an exciting 24 hours in the city.

Maybe on my next visit I’ll be bold and wear yellow … and try something that’s more exciting than water.

New York City Street, NYC

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