Just so you know, typewriter man …

You may be thinking that your actual typewriter circa 1973 is so hipster-ish of you to bring to the coffee shop to write your memoir. But I have something to tell you. When I’m sitting as far across the coffee shop as humanly possible and I am looking around for what the loud clicking noise is only to find out it’s YOU with your typewriter, it’s a little inappropriate.

And I think you know it’s inappropriate too, since you’re blocking out the noise for yourself with headphones that look like they’re big enough that if I were to give you two orange sticks you’d be able to flag in an airplane.

typewriter man in the coffee shop

Now I enjoy a good typewriter as much as the next person. But I enjoy it in the privacy of my own home with it sitting decoratively on a refurbished desk …

… just as Nate Berkus and new technology have intended.

Photo disclaimer: I apologize for the blurriness of the picture. Not only did I find it rude to show his face, but I was so far away that my phone could focus on everything BUT him in front of the windows.

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