Ei Ei O

Yes, of course the license plate I decide to crouch down and take a picture of would still have the owner sitting inside the car. But I’m glad I did. The woman saw me take the pic, got out of her car, and asked if I wanted to hear the story.

Of course I did.

Well, her grandparents were the first ones to have a personalized tag in the state of Oklahoma. They were farmers. And … (she dramatically paused) their last name was MacDonald.

old macdonald had a farm, license plate in oklahoma

The plate had then been on her mom’s car until a year ago, but since she’s now older and was getting agitated about people approaching her car to take pictures, this lady had the plate transferred to her car.

Only I would have this experience in a parking lot. But I do now have another new friend in Tulsa.

And her name is Mac.


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