This past fall we began looking into the idea of adopting a dog. We kept our eyes open and even put in a few applications that were unfortunately just minutes too late. Luckily, those misses all resulted in the pups still going home with a great family … and meant that we would be open to meet Bennington.

Bennington is a rescue dog (who was known as “Rusty” during his several weeks ​with a foster fam) that we stumbled across a few days before New Year’s Eve. We put in our application right after we finished reading his profile, and by the weekend had our house visit and got the approval to meet our dog.

We picked him up in Madison that ​​day, and the rest will be history.

If you’d like to follow that history, he’s on Instagram and you can find him at @BenningtonTheGreat.

And if you’re considering getting a dog in the future, consider a rescue.


  1. hanh

    Hi i just rescued a wired hair terrier/dad hind mix myself 3 days ago. his name is nemo. he’s a super sweet boy.

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