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I found the shoe that will get me through the summer. LOVE!

Cole Haan Trafton Club Court Sneaker / Instagram @npk412

Cole Haan Trafton Club Court Sneaker / Instagram @npk412


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I don’t tend to change up my hairstyle all too often. BUT when you do get a slight change in season (i.e., first chance for it to hit 70 degrees this year) you do get the itch for a slight change in hair.

Notice the higher fade and the more pronounced swoop across?

New haircut for spring! Men's beard & fade.

OK ok. Maybe you won’t really notice the difference. But it’s there.

I did say slight changes, after all. Let’s not get crazy.


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So people in the office today may be calling me a sailor. But considering I’m headed to Miami tomorrow and will be spending a little bit of time actually on the water, I think I’m OK with that!

Wearing Stripes

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This week I decided I’d embrace floral. And a fresh haircut. Oh. And of course the selfie!

Yes. Men wear floral.

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If you love fall and love to do fall things, or have already had more than a dozen PSL’s (or actually use the acronym PSL), then this fall pumpkin patching guide is perfect for you.

Step 1:  Get some plaid.

Step 2:  Get a puffy vest

Step 3:  Find a pumpkin that’s light enough for you to hold with one hand, giving the appearance of brute strength and stamina Fall, pumpkin patch, plaid Step 4:  Enjoy fall at its finest.

Step 5:  Finish planning this year’s Christmas tree’s theme.

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Yes. Jean Jacket Joy is back.

men's denim jean jacket, instagram, men's style

Thank you, fall.

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Denim on denim.

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Wearing denim on denim before it was cool.

Throwback Thursday, denim on denim

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