Skinny cow.

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Can I still consider them to be “Skinny Cow” ice cream sandwiches if I have three of them for dessert?

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich

No. Probably just going to have to stick with “Cow.”


Eggs. Greens. Curry. Go.

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I’ve been eating a lot of eggs this week.

Mainly because when I went to the grocery store last weekend I was craving eggs and failed to buy much else. But I’m not complaining. I really do love a good egg.

So in trying to use up these said eggs and also having a container of mixed greens that I needed to deal with, I thought I’d try out a bottle of Thai Yellow Curry Sauce from Trader Joe’s that I was gifted and give the combo a go.

The result was delicious and made for a perfect afternoon breakfast/post gym snack.

Thai Yellow Curry Sauce and Eggs

The Thai Yellow Curry Sauce is going to be a new staple in my kitchen, but I may give the egg/greens combo another whirl with some other toppings too.

Just will have to see what I’m gifted next!

Lessons in cooking banana pancakes.

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I learned a few things tonight when trying a recipe my sister found on Pinterest and recommended that I try.

Those lessons are:

  1. I don’t know the correct temperature at which to cook things, which results in overly darkened pancakes (some may or may not call that burnt).
  2. I don’t know how to flip pancakes.
  3. I don’t know how to pour a smaller pancake after I learn in lesson number two that I don’t know how to flip pancakes.
  4. Pancakes taste the same, even when they’re not prettily flipped.

Regardless, the number five thing (again, some may or may not call that “the fifth thing”) that I learned is that when mixing 2 parts egg to 1 part banana (yes, that’s it!) and mashing it together you get a great-tasting “pancake” batter.

Here was my result after 4 eggs and 2 bananas.

egg banana pancake

Simple. Delicious.

And it only takes about 15 minutes. Unless you’re taking pictures along the way for your blog. Then factor in an extra five.

My healthy eating.

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Overall, I’m a pretty healthy eater. I try to have fruit for breakfast, a nice salad for lunch, and then half a box of pasta for dinner followed by at least one-third of a container of Edy’s Slow-churned ice cream for dessert.

OK, so maybe I could change a few things about my regimen.

And I’m thinking that if some of the things I’m eating are good on the shelf until 2016, maybe those are some of the things I swap?

aluminum can expiration date

I mean, really. Do I need to be able to have this can of beets last me three years? Probably not.

I know the cottage cheese I pair it with barely lasts three days.

Just so you know, Martha …

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Your “Chickpea Nibble” recipe that I found when Googling “Quick and Easy Appetizers” needs more than 50 minutes of baking at 300 degrees. My friends agree.

I baked my version for an hour and 45 minutes, and only a few garbanzos got to the crunch level desired. I’d have tried for longer, but needed to get to my party.

BUT, I will say, there’s quite a bit of potential there. For those that are interested, here’s what I did. Or I should say, the directions I followed (pretty much). I think they’d be worth trying.

I used three cans of garbanzo beans which was the perfect amount to fill a large rimmed baking sheet. First, rinse the beans and pat them dry. Next, put them in a bowl with a couple tablespoons of olive oil and mix in some sea salt, freshly ground pepper, and ground cumin. You could use other spices. I just happened to go with cumin.

Garbanzo Chickpea Nut Recipe

Then spread the batch out in a single layer on the baking sheet and bake for … well, you know … at a higher temp than 300. Other recipes I looked up later (even other Martha ones) showed 400-450 degrees for less time.

Garbanzo Chickpea Nut Recipe Baking Sheet

Probably best to serve while still warm.

Here are some other recipes I found that are similar (and call for higher temps for baking). If you try, let me know your secret to the perfect crunch and flavor.

Martha Stewart: Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

Eating Well: Spiced Chickpea “Nuts” Chickpea Nuts

The random Tomato and Greek Yogurt Flatbread.

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When it’s 9:30 at night, you’re at the grocery store, you’re hungry, don’t tend to follow recipes, and love anything that combines carbs and sauce, there are really quite a few things you can pile together and end up with something great … which is what I typically end up doing when cooking.

Friday night I made one such pile. I’m not really sure what to call it (feel free to make name suggestions), but it was delicious!

Here’s what I did:

Bought a pack of flatbreads found in the deli area of the grocery store on the low shelves that often are in front of the deli cases. The ones I used (pictured below) come in a pack of three and two will take up the full area of a large cookie sheet when baking. They make for a cracker-like crust when baked.

One Republic Artisan-Style Flatbreads

I put down a layer of aluminum foil on the cookie sheet (makes for easy clean up), laid two flatbreads side-by-side, and then spread a thin layer of non-fat Greek yogurt on the flatbread. Once that was evenly spread, I took the can of tomato paste and spread it on top of the yogurt. I love tomato paste so I used a full one of those tiny cans across both flatbreads.

Then I added sliced Roma tomatoes and topped it off with some fresh chopped-up basil from my pallet garden. Then it was set for baking. 425 for about 10-12 minutes got it right where I liked them … crispy, but not dried out and crunchy.

It was the first I’d attempted this combination for a pizza and I loved it!

baked margherita pizza

If you’re interested in making, here’s the list of the ingredients (or as Teresa on Real Housewives of New Jersey would say, “ingredients’es”) I ended up using by the time I was done baking:

  • One pack of flatbreads. I used One Republic Artisan-Style flatbreads.
  • About 1/2 cup non-fat Greek yogurt (more or less depending on your taste)
  • 1 tiny can tomato paste
  • 2 Roma tomatoes
  • Fresh basil

Give it a shot. Again, I tend to cook random things based on what I have at home and rarely is something I attempt the same two times in a row. If you have any ideas for what alterations to try the next time I welcome the suggestions.

Personally, I think on the next attempt I may add some crumbled goat cheese. Mmmm.

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