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Yes, of course the license plate I decide to crouch down and take a picture of would still have the owner sitting inside the car. But I’m glad I did. The woman saw me take the pic, got out of her car, and asked if I wanted to hear the story.

Of course I did.

Well, her grandparents were the first ones to have a personalized tag in the state of Oklahoma. They were farmers. And … (she dramatically paused) their last name was MacDonald.

old macdonald had a farm, license plate in oklahoma

The plate had then been on her mom’s car until a year ago, but since she’s now older and was getting agitated about people approaching her car to take pictures, this lady had the plate transferred to her car.

Only I would have this experience in a parking lot. But I do now have another new friend in Tulsa.

And her name is Mac.



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Yesterday I was adamantly waving back to someone behind me at the stoplight just outside of work. As I waved, I began trying to figure out who it was that was trying to get my attention.

Then I realized she was wiping off her rearview mirror.

I blame her for the mixed signals.


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So this call that I just had with the doctor’s office surely boosted my confidence today.

Me: I need to set up an appointment.
Receptionist: Sure. What’s your name?
Me: Nathan Koch
R: Oh, is this for your son?
Me: No, that’s me.
R: Ohh, I’ve never heard Nathan for a girl’s name.
Me (confused and hesitating): Um, I’m a guy.
R: Ohhhhh. I’m sorry. You have such a nice soft voice.

And just so you know, doctor’s receptionist … my voice is appropriately manly and pleasant.

… I think.

It’s about time. Or not.

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Wednesday I wasn’t sure what was worse.  That my watch was on upside down for most of the morning, or that I’d looked at it at least three times already before I’d realized it.

fossil watch upside down

As my friend KT put it, she’d have just been upset it wasn’t actually 3:15!

Chapstick vs. Elmer’s

03.02.2013 § 2 Comments

Yeah. This is exactly what happens when you craft a little too often.

You end up grabbing your keys, wallet,  phone … and “chapstick” on your way out the door to the gym.

chapstick photo

Luckily I always have a back-up Baby Lips in the car.

Whew. #CrafterProblems

My “Damn You Auto Correct” moment.

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I’ve once texted a coworker asking her to tell another coworker that I had her “thongs” instead of her “things.” Confusing for all parties involved, I know.

But that was at least a conversation with someone who understands auto correct.

This time, auto correct failed me with my mom. I’m the blue bubble.

Damn You Auto Correct with Mom

And it’s not like what I texted was so overly embarrassing. I just find it humorous that my mom obviously doesn’t understand that the “******” are used for when you try to correct something you mistyped. And I know this was for sure the case because, when I talked to her the next day, she said that she thought the asterisks were there to emphasize how nice the nude run was.

I guess now that I really think about it, should I be more worried that she wasn’t shocked by my text, and instead just started asking questions?

Real Housewives of New Jersey

08.22.2012 § 2 Comments

I love me some RHONJ. Not as much as I did when Danielle Staub was still allowed to be on the show, but it’s still DVR worthy.

And seeing that my fall shows will be starting up again soon, I figured I needed to catch up on some of my summer recordings to make space.

So if you’re watching, you’ve for sure already seen this “beauty.”

If not, this is what you missed. I call it “Teresa’s Triple What?!” moment.

teresa giudice, real housewives of new jersey

I’m not sure what confuses me more. That look? Or the person that said to her, “Oh look at you. You go gurl, you got this.”

Andy Cohen, it best not have been you.

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