Do you have someone in your life that LOVES candles? Of course you do.

And sometimes the hard part about gifting a candle lover a candle is that the scents they love might not be what you love. For example, I have a friend that always goes for the cookie, pancake and other sugary scents. I tend to go for the clove, pine and citrus scents. So it’s hard to shop for a candle for someone else and get them exactly what they might want.

BUT what do all the candle lovers have in common? They all need to light them at some point! Our friend recommended this “accessory” to us this summer and we bought it thinking maybe we’d use it, and now we have two — one for upstairs and one for the kitchen. If you need a small gift or a stocking stuffer, this could be perfect for just about everyone. They’re rechargeable and could be cute add-on to someone’s wish list.

Here are a few I’ve found from a few places if you want to check one out:

1. Black & Gray

2. Orange/Pink

3. Multi

4. White

5. Mini


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