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I found the shoe that will get me through the summer. LOVE!

Cole Haan Trafton Club Court Sneaker / Instagram @npk412

Cole Haan Trafton Club Court Sneaker / Instagram @npk412


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Quite the connoisseur you are, Bennington!
Bennington, the wine connoisseur.


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Loving my new summer fade.

Loving the summer fade. Men's short summer haircut.

OK. True. It’s about the same as it always is. Still, they always feel new.


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In a previous blog post, I talked about that while there is still a lot of progress to be made when it comes to gay rights and acceptance, it is in fact being made. Just a little more than two years after writing that article, Marriage Equality is now a reality.

#LoveWins, Marriage Equality on Instagram

See. We’re getting there. #LoveWins   

Excerpt from Today, Ten Years After Coming Out.

Now today, on the eve of my twenty-ninth birthday, I still do not for one second take what I have or who I am for granted. I’ve grown to proudly live my life with honesty, kindness and integrity. But most importantly, I am able to live a life where I am just who I am.

I am blessed that I can do so at work. That I can do so with friends. That I can do so with family. And while we live in a world where there is still much progress to be made, it is being made. Progress that hopefully one day gets us to a place where to “come out” will be a thing of the past. Where children can grow to become who they are, never having to think about how they may be “different” or thinking that they have to hide from who they are. Where it doesn’t matter who you grow to love, but that you love. Where acceptance is inherent.

We’ll get there.

Until then, I will continue to appreciate and learn from the history and struggles of those who bravely stood up and battled for me to be able to live as openly as I do today. I will stand up for myself and others to continue the push forward.

Photo from @npk412‘s Instagram. 


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Last year we were doing some shopping at West Elm and came across a little stump table we kind of had to have. But, knowing my parents had a few trees they’d just cut down and that I have a dad that is very handy in his shop, I figured that instead of buying the table I could enlist my dad to make something that would have a little more value. Family value.

So this winter we picked out a few stumps we wanted to try and then waited for the bark to dry (so it would eventually fall off). Dad then did some light sanding, filled in the cracks and coated the log with something. (Do you like my technical language? Again, he’s the one handy in a shop–not me.)

DIY Stump Table

And now, we have a great little bedside table made by dad and that’s worth a lot more than the original we saw at the store.

BTW, no offense West Elm. We still have plenty that we shop you for!!


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This past weekend I went from being thirty to being IN my thirties. And what better way to end a French birthday brunch than with a birthday crème brûlée.

Crème brûlée for my birthday!

Well, actually two crème brûlées would have been nice, but I guess that’s what thirty-two can be for. A crème brûlée for every year over thirty I will be. :-O

Find more pics from my birthday on Instagram (@ npk412)


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I don’t tend to change up my hairstyle all too often. BUT when you do get a slight change in season (i.e., first chance for it to hit 70 degrees this year) you do get the itch for a slight change in hair.

Notice the higher fade and the more pronounced swoop across?

New haircut for spring! Men's beard & fade.

OK ok. Maybe you won’t really notice the difference. But it’s there.

I did say slight changes, after all. Let’s not get crazy.