Men's Platinum Blond Hair Color

blond ambition

Ok, yes, the Blond Ambition reference is purely being used here because of my love for Madonna’s Blond Ambition tour in 1990. But really, I’d been wanting to try a platinum blond color with a hint of gray or silver for such a long time, but was too worried about not liking it that it held me back. Well, I finally decided it was time and that if I didn’t like it a quick buzz would take care of that pretty quickly.

The good news is I love it. And while I lost some of the gray tones quickly because I wasn’t using the proper product to maintain it, I’m still loving the color I have now.

Men's Platinum Blond Hair Color

Once the gray tones washed out after about a week, I checked with my barbershop and did some research because I was starting to get a brassy blond color that I wasn’t loving so much. However, after a trying a few things (some initially and some consistently) the brassiness is gone.

Here’s what I used to remove the brassiness and get some of the gray back initially:

  1. A semi-permanent sterling silver dye/rinse. *Note: The product shown is not the one I used based on current availability, but it’s essentially the same thing and is what originally helped me get the gray tone back in my hair when it started to become more brassy. I did this several times in the first week to get the silver tone I wanted on top of the blond. Since I’ve let the silver rinse out and have stuck with the blonde.
  2. A gray/purple shampoo. This I now use this American Crew Gray Shampoo daily and has helped me maintain the blond tone without the brassiness. And, while it says gray shampoo, the shampoo itself is actually a deep purple. In case you were wondering.
  3. Tone enhancing leave-in spray. This Blond Purple leave-in spray I also use daily after my shower before I dry and style my hair.

Thoughts?! Should I do the even darker silver/gray tone next?

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