The key to staying warm in the winter.

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In case you’re a little chilly, I have my custom list of ways to stay nice and cozy.

1. Buy a nice warm sweater.

2. Grown a nice little beard.


3. Head somewhere warmer.

Good list? To be honest, I just wanted to post a pic of my beard which I haven’t ever let get this heavy before!

A Classic Christmas

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This year we said goodbye to Grandpa Jones. He was my sister’s and my last grandparent, so the holidays have felt a little different this time around.

So while over the past couple of seasons I’ve DIY’ed a new Christmas tree theme, this year we went with the theme of “Classic Christmas.” Instead of paper birds that have been stapled, folded and glued to perfection the tree this year is adorned with ornaments that have been touched, hung and admired for so many years.

It’s a different, purer type of perfection. A classic perfection.

A Classic Christmas.

You knew.

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Writing out one of my favorite quotes for my favorite boy.

When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew. - William Shakespeare quote

When I saw you I feel in love, and you smiled because you knew.

-William Shakespeare

In the fall, this is what my healthy snack looks like.

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What happens when it’s DIY caramel apple day at work?
Caramel apple topping, fall snacks
Extra caramel. Extra toppings. And definitely the need for extra miles to be tacked on for the evening’s run!

The basics of fall.

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If you love fall and love to do fall things, or have already had more than a dozen PSL’s (or actually use the acronym PSL), then this fall pumpkin patching guide is perfect for you.

Step 1:  Get some plaid.

Step 2:  Get a puffy vest

Step 3:  Find a pumpkin that’s light enough for you to hold with one hand, giving the appearance of brute strength and stamina Fall, pumpkin patch, plaid Step 4:  Enjoy fall at its finest.

Step 5:  Finish planning this year’s Christmas tree’s theme.

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Yes. Jean Jacket Joy is back.

men's denim jean jacket, instagram, men's style

Thank you, fall.

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Ei Ei O

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Yes, of course the license plate I decide to crouch down and take a picture of would still have the owner sitting inside the car. But I’m glad I did. The woman saw me take the pic, got out of her car, and asked if I wanted to hear the story.

Of course I did.

Well, her grandparents were the first ones to have a personalized tag in the state of Oklahoma. They were farmers. And … (she dramatically paused) their last name was MacDonald.

old macdonald had a farm, license plate in oklahoma

The plate had then been on her mom’s car until a year ago, but since she’s now older and was getting agitated about people approaching her car to take pictures, this lady had the plate transferred to her car.

Only I would have this experience in a parking lot. But I do now have another new friend in Tulsa.

And her name is Mac.



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