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Last week we vacationed in Miami for a long weekend (more on that on the blog soon!). We knew leaving the midwest in the middle of February for a beach would wonderful, but I think what we forgot was that we had to come back. Which meant that when we made our descent over Lake Michigan to see ice covering most of it, we were reminded that we still have a lot of winter to get through. *Sigh*

A very frozen Lake Michigan in the winter by Chicago

Well. At least we had a good six days in swim trunks while sipping caipirinhas by the pool! Now if we only could have brought beach-weather back with us instead of the -2 degrees that was waiting.

Why do we live here again?

See more pics from Miami on Instagam (@ npk412).


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This year for Valentine’s Day, my boy and I took a vacation to Miami. Since we used the trip as our celebration, I decided these photo strips would be a lovely way for us to remember some of our favorite moments from the past year.

The strips were made through the app Print Studio. And they turned out perfectly!


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So people in the office today may be calling me a sailor. But considering I’m headed to Miami tomorrow and will be spending a little bit of time actually on the water, I think I’m OK with that!

Wearing Stripes

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This week I decided I’d embrace floral. And a fresh haircut. Oh. And of course the selfie!

Yes. Men wear floral.

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Quoted from the intro to Madonna’s “Living For Love” performance at the Grammy’s.

Let's start a revolution. Living for Love. Madonna. Quote.

Let’s start a revolution. A revolution of love.


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Yesterday was the third anniversary of getting my “all or nothing” tattoo. I posted the two pictures below on my Instagram account (@npk412), and then got to reflecting on why I got the tattoo I did in the first place.

All or Nothing Tattoo

All or Nothing Tattoo

You can read the full story behind why I chose “all or nothing” here, which may be my favorite post I’ve ever written.

“Today, ten years after coming out.”

Have your own story? Tell me in the comments!


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Some days I work from home.

Some days Bennington offers to help.

Well, today is not one of those days.

Dogs wearing glasses. Bennington the rescue dog. (@BenningtonTheGreat on Insta) #natepk

Dogs wearing glasses.

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