Home Office desks & shelves

My partner and I have been working from home since March. Like just about everyone else who was lucky enough to be able to shift to an at-home office during this pandemic, when we first brought everything home we created makeshift “offices” throughout our house.

The first week I used our kitchen and my partner used the dining room. However, after being told how loud I was on my meetings, I was sent upstairs. (To be fair to myself, I think he’s every bit as loud as I am — though most people would agree with him. Ha.) This turned into me using a tall dresser as a standing desk until I could get my hands on my childhood desk that my parents had held onto for nearly thirty years.

So this setup lasted us throughout the summer with me on a tiny desk in our upstairs landing and my partner still at the dining room table. But with the future looking like we’ll still be working from home for quite some time, we decided to figure out a more permanent solution that would allow us to both comfortably work from home without turning our guest room into a full on office. Here’s what we landed on …


For our first space, we bought two ladder shelving units from CB2: One that has a desk component and the other that has a cabinet and drawer component. This let us fill up an empty space in our living room we haven’t been able to figure out what to do with since we moved in four years ago, but also gave us plenty of room to work comfortably. The mid-century modern globe floor lamp was also a great addition to the space.

Shop these pieces in either 70″ or 96″ height: Desk, Cabinet/Drawer, Shelves

Some of these pieces also come in a bleached oak, if a lighter version is what you’re looking for over the darker walnut.




For our upstairs, we wanted to keep this setup minimal to match with the rest of the space and not feel too intrusive in a smaller space. We also wanted this to be more “temporary” since once we do start going back to offices we won’t need to have two desks set up in our home. This $88 desk was perfect for what we needed.


Let us know what you think. If you’ve been working from home, are you still working with a temporary set up or have you created something more permanent?


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