Vertical Pallet Garden - Terra-Cotta Hanging Planters


Last year I made a vertical pallet garden inspired by the many that I was seeing on Pinterest.

But what I hadn’t seen on Pinterest was how to deal with a pallet garden that sat on a deck in the sun and high heat for a majority of the day. This left me dealing with daily (sometimes twice daily) watering and, even then, by midsummer I’d lost about half the plants.

So this year, I changed my strategy.

Instead of the plastic pots that drained too easily, I went with terra-cotta pots. Instead of placing them behind the pallet slats, I thought I’d try hanging the pots on the front of them. And instead of planting flowers that needed a lot of attention, I went with some succulents and a few geraniums for color.

Here’s this year’s finished product:

Vertical Pallet Garden -

And here are some visual steps on how I got the pots to hang:

#DIY Pallet Garden

Oh. My last bit of advice whilst palleting … wear sunscreen. I got overly into my little DIY project and didn’t realize how long I was on my deck soaking up the sun.

Now I know how last year’s pallet felt.

Looking for some small clay pots? Try these:

(Varying sizes depending on size/need of your pallet garden)

4″ Chalkboard Clay Pots

12 Pack: 3 x 3 Clay Pots

Lightweight 4″ Plastic Pot (terra cotta color)

If your pallet garden will sit in a little more shade and less heat, here’s the how-to from what I did last year: Vertical Pallet Garden
You can also see my second, flat pallet garden how-to that I used on my back deck for vegetables: Flat Pallet Garden
And don’t forget, can always find great pallet ideas on Pinterest
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  1. Mb

    Would like a list of supplies names?? I can’t find those hooks anywhere because I don’t know what they are called

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